Tuesday, June 12, 2007

wrong color

I thought they would be white, palest yellow, or maybe even light purple. The color scheme is all wrong. I must have planted them from seed, and they didn't bloom at all last year. Now the plants are over 3 feet high, and very full of flowers, that clash, bothering my eyes, and sensibilites. I want to move them, but to where? And it will create empty spaces. Some Shasta daisys are coming up elsewhere so I could put them there, though they are much smaller. And then there will be empty spaces where the shastas are. ( annoying, but what a preferable problem to have. If one must be vexed, by all means vex me with flowers).

Rained, so we ran errands, and didn't dig, for the best I guess, as I'm very tired, and feel as though it would be quite easy to just happen to slip into a coma.

I have a Cheese quote from today "Doing nothing is more fun than doing anything". He does do stuff, but puttering about stuff, like Legos and video games, and drawing.

oh, just had my eyes closed for a bit, better take my contacts out.

Once again not typing in my writing from notebooks (I'm afraid I will start thinking, thinking keeps me up at night, better not to start. I've had this problem in the past.), way behind now, and there is plenty on the schedule for the rest of the week, graduations, a birthdays party, pool party, invite to go make kieffles (sp?) with mom and grandmother (Cheese says no way is he spending the first day of summer vacation doing that), and of course I have to plant 4 more roses (the sooner the better so as they don't die). By Monday things should be cleared up, plants planted, and nothing on the schedule as of yet.

Why does it seem so easy to fall asleep when trying to stay awake, and so easy to stay awake when trying to fall asleep?

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