Monday, June 11, 2007

Fortune cookie

Yesterday, after dinner,

(not very good by the way, Bob was supposed to call and ask me what I wanted from the Chinese place, instead just brought home whatever. We don't ever go, so there is no "the usual". I prefer Wegman's asian bar, and to pick the food out myself.)

I was looking at my unopened fortune cookie, and thinking, wouldn't it be nice, if they really did tell you something specific to you, like if mine would say "If you keep writing you will be published one day", or "don't this_____instead", if they were like that, if you really could know something about yourself and your life, and your future from a cookie. That would be kind of neat. (freaky too)
Then I opened it, and it said "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." I thought that wasn't bad, probably as close to something that would make me feel my request was answered, as I could get. Cheese's cookie had something to do with, only the prepared person has a right to make their speach with confidence. So mine, was much better, at being something I would like. And mass produced fortunes aside, I'l take my pep talks where I can get them, thank you fortune cookie for telling me to keep writing.

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