Tuesday, June 12, 2007

at the moment

So very tired, keep falling asleep around 12:30, !:00 am, and keep waking up at 5am and can't fall back to sleep. This might seem like a lot of sleep to Martha Stewart, or Anderson Cooper, but it doesn't to me. 7 1/2 is my bare minimum for function, and 9 is much better. (more than that has ill effect). (this has been my sleeping, or not sleeping, pattern for about 3 weeks now. I guess I am going to have to force myself to get into bed at 10pm and see if I can start falling asleep earlier)
There is nothing Taffyish to eat in this house. I can't find any breakfast. Truly fruitless.
I am supposed to be digging. I didn't dig yesterday because of having trouble walking when I woke up, seems my back is unhappy with my latest project. (and anyway it was my last full day before Cheese gets out of school, so I went to the mall. I'll only go there during the summer, if my son really really makes me mad, as a punishment for him.). To sound perfectly grumpy, whiney, and way old, I'm tired, my throat hurts, my back hurt again this morning, and there is no breakfast. Plus, I have to leave for a school function, a little after 1pm, and it would be best if I didn't go covered in dirt, and smelling like dehydrated cow manure. I could spend the time writing, maybe I will, what I really want to do is nap, but I am not a napper, I can't do it, and the two times I can ever remember succeeding, I didn't fall asleep at all that night. My stomach is making me feel sick, I should go buy watermelon but that would take up all my time.
I did however manage to fill the fountain, feeling quite bad for the little finch, as he wondered where the water had gone to.
That is all, at the moment, I am just stuck in the physical, stuck in my body, and it feels rather lousy, not horribly bad, not like being crushed by something, but certainly not at all good. And my imagination it seems is sleeping, how my body wishes it could too.

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