Thursday, June 28, 2007

monster bunny cyclops

well, ok, it is just me, waving at you, through a puddle. It was a very windy day, and that is my hair eveywhere. And some white bubbles drifting by on the water.

The rain is pounding down right now, I hope that will mean good news for the plants I transplanted.

I feel ill, but it isn't my allercold, no, it's an enormous amount of Kerrygold butter making my stomach queasy. Nothing tastes good to me right now, except watermelon, cheese and crackers, tortilla chips with lots of coarse salt, and bagels with lots of butter. Same was true yesterday. My stomach hurts and is ginormous (Or is it gianormous? Best to stick with emormous but what's the fun in that?).

I am starting to think, Anderson Cooper must be gay, because I can not imagine there is woman in existence who could date him and not go around telling everybody about it. Or at least one who could keep from telling one or two other people, close dear friends, who then would tell one or two other people, close dear friends, and so on, and so on, till all would know.
But maybe a man could keep from telling, and I assume there is a different code among gay men.
Then I think, well of course people know when he is dating someone, it is just not reported in the media mags, et cetera.
Still though, there aren't even proper pictures about, for one to go all speculation on, for one's imagination to get all rangy and free with. Shouldn't somebody somewhere be walking down the street holding this man's hand?
I think so.
And maybe he or she is.
No, again, I have to go with he.
For why wouldn't he claim her, proclaim her?
But if your hand is in the hand of the same gender, kind, then you may have need to make the world blind, hide your love for fear others would mind. Maybe it would hurt his career or detract from it. It would make more sense then, to be so discreet. Of course then again, even if it were a she, there are those tabloids, and it would forever read "are they engaged?" or "secretly married", or "do you see her bump?" baby on the way, or "is their marriage in trouble?". Actually it might be better to be gay in the tabloids, one great big explosion, "oh my god, you know who, finally out of the closet" but then, you know, what else can they say? um...still gay. (but after the initial bang, so what? Interest can't be maintained without new/more fodder).
me-"um, why are you writing about this?" Taffy "what is it too lowbrow compared to intellectual bunny cyclops topic? Just let me finish"
so anyway- oh it doesn't matter, just...I don't know, oh never mind.

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