Saturday, June 16, 2007

Peace on the side

That is just the name I gave the flower clip, as it is a Peace rose.

It was good to send that little boat off yesterday, I feel better today.

And can connect with the story and the characters once again. The bit that I did write was, sadder than I would have liked, I knew the scene before, and had written parts, but today it came on harder with greater impact, I saw and felt more, it was important to feel it more fully, and express it so, for the conlusion/resolution wont be properly felt, if this other part doesn't reach its pitch (and I do have a tendency to avoid these sorts of spaces in my writing, to glide over them and say, I will go back later. So suddenly there, I knew I had to capture it, before I took flight away from it). But it is odd, to have been in a better mood, and then to feel a bit off balance because of something that a character experienced. And I have things that must be done at home today (continuation of yesterdays cleaning), and then we go to a graduation party (family). So there is no way to continue working on the story. And though I know how the story ends, still, at the moment, I am left, right where the scene I worked on, left off, inside the character at that moment, it is not a space I want to be in all day, feels uncomfortable, if I had nowhere to go, and nothing to do, I would continue on writing it, just to move on and away from that space.

I must go, the things that I need to be doing never get done unless I do them.
(no matter how I wish they would)
( I detest mopping. But someone has dragged dirt all over my kitchen floor. Ok, it was me. But the food messes are all Cheese's)

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