Friday, June 8, 2007

last two days

Bob around a lot.
Brakes didn't work while we were out and about yesterday, emergency pull over, quite scary. Vacuum hose wore out. Spent a good bit of time sitting in a parking lot, and then at car place, till we got a ride home. I did sketch parts of Mikiyoshi's garden while in the parking lot (this made me more aware, of the importance of getting this set down right, which no I haven't done yet), but chose to read junky magazines at car place. Otherwise, been doing research. Having trouble finding out when works by Jane Austen would have been published in Japan. 1950s are my best guess so far. I know Anne of Green Gables was published there then. And with the American occupation, Faulkner, and Hemingway, et cetera. I spent a lot of time trying to, but didn't find much out. My eyes still hurt from reading this long document, which I am still not done with, that covered some stuff that might help me in other areas but doesn't answer this question. I think I will call my local library tomorrow and see if they have any insights.
This question involves that same character, the one who gets no face time in story anyway, but this was an important detail, so I need to verify it. Through it, I also saw past the end of the story, as I had intended to tell it, and saw into the future of the main character. Which is kind of cool, and kind of, like, well do I go on and tell this part now, or allude to it in some way, or just end the story where I always thought it ended, which is before this part. It might take away from the impact of what I have considered to be the final scene(s).
too tired, talk tomorrow

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