Friday, June 15, 2007

digging holes

2 yesterday and planted 2 roses
2 today and planted 2 roses
I like digging the first foot of the holes, but the second one makes me miserable; right about the time I hit the shale, I stop having a good time.
One more to do, and I am going nowhere near it tomorrow.
I've been a bit melancholy the last two days, which has surprised me.
(I do know why, but it is a perpetual thing, so why be bothered about it now, and I always think it through and reach the same conclusion, so why upset myself over it at all, and force myself to think it through yet agian?) It is probably just the lack of sleep.
My mood has been so pervasive I haven't heard my characters at all.
I think it has broken, the gloomy spell, I sure hope so.
I can never leave me, and I much prefer being with me when I am sunnier.

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