Thursday, June 28, 2007

something to dream to

I was looking for music the other day (two days ago), on itunes, those pre-packaged groupings, gaypride, workout, one hit wonders of the seventies, and I came across French impressionists. I don't download classical music, I don't listen to it. But for some reason I double clicked on it, and started listening, and it was my favorite. There are no songs on the others I am going back to listen to, but for some reason on that day, I really liked this music, and I have become taken with the notion of downloading some songs and listening to them as I fall asleep at night, under the whir of the fan, in the hum of summer, something to dream to.
I haven't done it yet, because just because an idea appeals to me, it doesn't mean it is something I should do; maybe I wont like doing that at all (but I keep going back and visiting them), and I would have to download at least 10 songs to make a go of it. There is- Daphne et Chloe, suite no2: 1 . The bells, op 351.allegro ma non tanto (silver bells), Jex d'eau, estampes:1 pagodes. The white peacock, et cetera, but maybe it is just a mood, and will pass with my allercold.
Also of interest are bells, they seem more morning-ish though, temple bells, chimes of big ben, chimes go by (lounge) 30's. The regina music box- The blue bells of scotland. Narcissus- song. My enduring fondness for The Wind Forest from "My Neighbor Totoro". I find Castles in the Air, by The French Impressionist to be a bit obnoxious, still I find I keep listening to it, obnoxiously appealing I suppose.

by the bye,
all (8, I think) of the nasty dark yellow-orange flowers are now in Bob's berm- I am grateful God is watering them so much, I hope they wont die.
I haven't set up the beetle lure yet, but I did knock them off into the jug I use for watering (well those that didn't get away I did), and now there are at least 10 of them in there, lid on, floating about in the water, massing atop another, so the bottom ones drown, as they struggle to stay afloat and alive, and I struggle with whether or not it is best to kill them straight away or leave them in this watery prison which is bound ultimately to be their death. I can't set them free, but I don't wish to actively kill them, but that would be better wouldn't it?
french impressionist music dreams, set to bells, tells the deaths of a thousand Japanese beetles, woven together with a ream of dark yellow daisies.

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