Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cold or allergies?

I don't know, but I feel I have had this experience, and now I would like to move on and experience something else (nothing worse though). The holding pattern, is stuffy in morning (so I wake up early and can't fall back to sleep), and throat feels thick, so eat lots of watermelon. It seems to go like that for two weeks, then once again, become something that involves boxes and boxes of tissues, and the unpleasant knowledge that I am walking around smelling of vicks vapor rub. I don't use it during the day, but...

Since it does keep going on, I suppose logic would dictate that I assume it is allergies. The last round did involve a sore throat though so, in my book that is a cold. And last night my left arm went to sleep, which is something that happens sometimes when I am sick. I was sleeping on my back (so nothing was on it), and I woke up, and it wasn't tingly, it was just gone, I had to rub really hard, over and over, from shoulder to wrist to get it back (this only happens when I am sick).
Then again I have never had allergies, so maybe this stuff can fit into that category too.
(I do not however want allergies)
and, am I allergic to the inside or the outside?
Windows open, windows closed?

Cheese wants to go to the pool, that will involve a box of tissues, a plastic bag (for used tissues), hand santizer, and water. And I will feel gross, and a bit embarassed. (but as Cheese so kindly said to me the other day "oh mom, don't worry, no one ever looks at you. In fact, you could smell disgustingly bad, and have no concern whatsoever that anyone would ever think it was you, because no one ever thinks of you, so how could they think it was you") (seriously, why do I feed this person?)

Yesterday at the pool was good. Bob was along, and I took my laptop, and ipod. The ipod is not to listen to music with, but to block out the music they blast there, which is really distracting. I did my pages while I was there, and was annoyed when my battery ran out, and I had to stop.

Cheese takes after me too much. At the pool, day before yesterday I sat down next to him (about 2 feet away) on a bench, I smiled at him, then went back to reading. Two minutes later, "what are you doing? Why are you encroaching on my personal space?" "I'm not, I am just reading. How could I be bothering you?". A minute more went by. "You are bothering me, you are interfering with my brain waves, my abilty to receive trasmissions". (uhuh, okay. I could think him quite nutty, and rude, but the thing is, I know exactly what he means). Then yesterday, I asked Bob "aren't you going to go back in the water and play with Cheese?". Bob replied "I tried to, and he told me to stop following him around". Cheese was doing laps, and being somewhere else in his head, and didn't like his dad distracting him. (I know because I asked him about it later).

I feel bad for Bob sometimes, but I am not going to write a paragraph to follow that line, instead I am going to get my draggy self up out of this chair, and go.


Vesper said...

Sorry for your nose woes, Taffiny!

I would like to thank you for your words of appreciation for my short story on The Little Minx. I thought yours was excellent, well written, one can feel the longing...

Taffiny said...

I usually am well, and am not enjoying this new, whatever it is.

Vesper, thank you for coming by.
Yes, I did/do appreciate your short story, I was impressed with what you and some others, were able to create with so few brush strokes. Oh, I just realized I write like I paint, in muted tones, that get a bit murky, and I go over and over, swooshing colors around, till slowly some forms start to emerge, but are lost and found among all the murk. You had layers and tones, but no murk.

Thank you, so much, for being so kind about my entry. It makes me feel better, I can certainly see the difference in the impact, emtions and scenes others created, and what I did, but as I can see the difference, hopefully I can learn from it. (though I imagine I shall always be a bit murky)