Monday, June 18, 2007

Are you serious?

Because I don't think I believe you anymore.
I didn't write today. (Well not yet.)
I downloaded songs onto ipod, you know so I would have some new stuff to listen to while writing.
I over-ate.
I talked to people
I cooked
I cleaned a little
I wandered around, looking for writing blogs to read, and feel inspired by
I did eventually find a couple that might work, but by the time I got there, my head hurt. so I bookmarked and will go back
I didn't write
I didn't write
I didn't write
How can I say I want to do something if I am always not doing it?
Except of course when I am doing other things, I write around, in bits and pieces, while I am doing other things. but to sit down with the sole intention of writing; I'm not doing that. And I will never finish till I do.
I can't wait for inspiration, for mood, I have to sit regardless and do
(And I will tell you what, not this time of day either because the sun is hitting me right in the eyes.)
Ok, so morning, water plants,- eat watermelon, -write.
Every day.
Two hours, to something, you say is your dream.
Is that too much to ask?
Of you who hates to give?
no eating then, no down loading songs, no reading other stuff, for those two hours, those things can happen before or after.
Can you do this?
If not, I wont believe you anymore.
I wont believe you are serious
I wont believe this is your dream

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