Thursday, June 7, 2007

too much behind

I ended up spending much of last night, downloading music and creating a cd for my son (as I had promised awhile ago to do, and as he insisted I finally come through on)

and now Bob is watching TV in next room, and talking to me about everything he sees. Paris Hilton out of jail,- some tricked out motor vehicle. I had to put ipod on so I wouldn't continue to be distracted by the TV itself. Husband different story. I could go upstairs now, that is where he was, up there, on his computer when I set up camp down here. He has to shower soon, though. By the time I relocate, so will he.

Chipmunks chasing each other in front yard. Driving cat nuts. Are they courting or fighting?

I feel like sketching Mikiyoshi's garden. It would involve some research, (books and net), and probably go on, once layout set, to include drawing paper, and colored pencils (or such), sounds like sneaky procrastination to me. Yes, I will need to do it, but I should type up the pages I was supposed to do yesterday first. Bob just said something, wonder what it was? Turned down ipod, talking about Pink song-now Moby Dick, it wasn't considered a success till author was dead-. I think he is done now, I'll put music back on. Talking again, so I turn it down, this time he was talking to the cat.

speaking of Bob, why didn't he just tell me my capris were too low, or my shirt too high, rather than, film it, call me over, show it to me, and laugh? Oh, because he is a spouse, right. This one (photo/still) isn't so bad, I'm opting not to show the other.

so, off I go

with a longer shirt, and higher denim capris (by the bye)

back for a sec.,
to add, I don't have the best bum glue (it is said, that is who is a writer, the one who can make themselves sit in the chair the longest, and get the writing done). No, I don't have the best bum glue, it is more like I have fire ants in my chair. Ok, must go back to where I just was, in Nisus wrtier express, before the ants got me. Bob watching female kick boxing (really likes it), and saying maybe we should, maybe we shouldn't go to Trader Joes.

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