Sunday, June 10, 2007


I felt a bit like I was in the movie Holes today, but at least the..well I was going to say the weather was pleasant, instead of the scorching hot of the movie (while they dug their holes) but as it rained on me several times, I am not certain that pleasant is the exact right word. I finished yesterday's hole, and planted a rose (wish they hadn't suggested 2 feet by 2 feet, the two across are easy, but the two down, I can't quite do, I can get to 1 1/2 no problem it is just after that.. I haven't made it deeper than 23), dug another hole, and planted a rose, started two more, but as I have run out of peat moss, and daylight, I am waiting for the rest till tomorrow.

My hands hurt, wearing gloves annoys me, so pretty much so I don't. I should take off my wedding ring, it is giving me a blister.

The space looks much better with the roses planted in it, even though they are super tiny (shocked I was, when they came in the mail). We took up some dying evergreen ground cover, and it left this huge empty space in the middle of my bed. It looked odd with roses and things planted on both sides, and stripped bare in the middle. I could actually feel my breath coming more evenly once I started filling in this space. I also moved some self planted cosmos, that were crowding the roses I planted last year, over into this section. Little by little making progress.

P.S. Bob just dissed me for hole over-kill in my post. "How many pictures of holes do you need?". yeah, yeah, yeah, my blog, I can be as boring and as redundant as I want to be.

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