Wednesday, June 27, 2007

my enemy has returned

errrr..I actually killed one with my bare hands. Traps must be bought today.

what is this? I know it is a caterpillar, but what kind? It is rather nice; I hope it isn't destructive.

Rather large rabbit, who I believe is eating my rose leaves :(. Looking all cute and innocent here, munching on clover, but someone ate all the leaves and trimmed down, one of my rose bushes, cuting everything away but a dried up spent bloom. "Excuse me, but if you are going to cut away all that, you might as well dead-head the plant too!".

I think of it as my yard, but clearly they do not, and could care less. I did have to buy it though, and I do pay taxes on it, and plant the plants, and ( Bob does) mow the lawn, and water the plants, and from time to time weed. They don't care, it is theirs. The bugs were everywhere today while I watered, they kept crawling over me, and trying to fly into my eyes "hello, I am a person here, solid, go around!". The chipmunk spying me watering from within the rose bed, decided to walk toward me, rather than scurry in other direction, walked a foot and a half past me on the little path (as in no cover, out in the open), I turned to look directly at him, when he was directly behind me, so he scooted a bit faster. Some rather showy grey bird, practically flew right into me, going to a small tree, hanging out 3 feet away from where I was watering. And I swear a few bees bounced off me, so busy they were going about their business "yes, everyone, don't mind me".

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