Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I did move those flowers

to Bob's berm. You know, the one I am not supposed to do anything with. He was inside eating dinner. And.....he likes them there!! He even helped me dig 3 more holes to move 3 more of them (there are still two left to decide what to do with). He said "when we get the black mulch, they're really gonna pop" and "the berm looks so much better now". And he stopped carrying on so, about the price of dirt, and why oh why are we always buying dirt (and looking at me like I am nuts, when I say we need manure, and peat moss, and...). So I am quite pleased, it was win win. Now if only the flowers will not die. It really was rude of me to dig them up while in full bloom, but they were smothering the roses. And the color doesn't bother me at all now, they were needed where I put them. I wonder how the bees will feel about it? The bees where having a pollen party with these flowers yesterday. Do they fly there today and say "who moved my cheese?" (as per the bee dance directions of yesterday) or do they smell them (or whatever) and already know they've been moved?
I transplanted some Shastas too, and everybody looks very wilty. But still I am optimistic, I moved a verbascum awhile back, and it kept looking like impending doom, ("wwhhhy? wwhhhyy?" it whined and whimpered) no matter how much I watered it, and it did take at least two weeks, but now it looks all happy and has room to grow.
If I make it back outside today (I mean in terms of yard work) I will move two little lavender plants, which decided to appear, all sweet and pretty in a very weedy embankment.
My allercold is still bothering me, but merely a nuisance. But enough so, that I am not even inclined to go on errands and spend Bob's hard earned money on two russian sage plants, I've been eyeing.

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