Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'll be here

for the next two hours
(it is a bit over themed, but it was nice of my mom to buy me stuff for this room) (and the little light doesn't belong in here, and the walls need to be a color. And it wants for green plants)
I watered the plants- noticed a desperate need for weeding, and some dead heading, ignored it, came back inside
got some clothes together for Bob to return, he prefers to do it, I do take things back myself, but I have a tendency to then buy other things while I am there. Oh, I do keep some stuff, but I am never sure till I bring it home, what really works on me and with my wardrobe and what doesn't. Things look different (aka worse) on me at home. And something might be cute, but not work with anything I own, so then I am off looking for a particular length of short, or pant, in such a such a color, fitted, but not tight, smooth front, and often I just can't find what I am looking for to make it work, or I do but it isn't a price that works. And then Bob sees all the bags, and says "you are taking this stuff back, right?". Yes, I am just borrowing it from the store, so I can imagine for a few days how it might feel to own it. I notice then how much I do, or don't want something.

I wonder if Bob was serious about my making him lunch? I better ask. Oh, he was. I'll be right back
packed Bob lunch
made me hungry, Cheese is whining he needs pool toys for when I take him to the pool.
The cat is good, he is waiting, to sit next to me in my writing spot (Bob just hissed at him and scared him away. Playfully, but it still annoys me. He just walked out the door. I never get that he will be right here near me, then walk over to the door, then stop and say "well aren't you going to come over and kiss me goodbye?". And I think why the H didn't you kiss me goodbye two seconds ago when you were right here. Ugh.

I'm so behind schedule already.

I woke up early and joted down just a sentence or two pertaining to a scene. Then went back to sleep.
I had a dream inspired by the scene. It was really cool. But wrong ways round as usual. It would make more sense to have a dream, and then use that as inspiration for scene in story, then to see a scene in the story and use it to inspire my own dreams. So many wings. It was beautiful, breathtaking, I kept turning to follow it all with my eyes.

Darn it all, should I eat something first, or start and then take a break, or just be hungry and wait?
either way, off I go

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