Saturday, October 6, 2012

Well at least I am writing again. Strange how sometimes it feels such a part of my life, such a part of me- but then can just slip away- til I realize days, even weeks have past. I had lost the feeling of it.

I've tried lately to sit and type previously written stuff up, but I always manage to run away, off to other things. If that continues into November I'll set myself up for NaNoWriMo. My work will be outside the parameters of the official challenge- but my focus/goal is to do whatever necessary to help me sit down and get all my notebook stuff typed up in a legible, organized way on my computer. And placing that desire within the context of a 30 day 50,000 word challenge should help me get there. If I do that JAD will be the story I go with.

Anyway, my head still hurts from last night- partying? nah, just reading over one of my stories- which is my way of coaxing myself back into writing. Because I can't help editing, and adding, as I read down a page. Better than that though, is that I've been adding little snippets to JAD. Better because it falls under the request I made of the universe-that rather than my sitting down to page, feeling nothing, and trying to force myself to write- that instead it would begin with me going about my day to day stuff, but feeling called time and again, to add something to the story. That it would reawaken within me, and I would feel it while doing other things. Because that is my favorite way to write. Because then I am eager to get to my computer, and it feels like play rather than like prison, a sentence of writing sentences. Like the one way- I'm trying to write,to create, but keep find myself listening to songs on itunes, this way, this morning- I am trying to listen to stuff on itunes but keep getting interrupted by ideas I have to go add to my story. Yes work is still involved, time, effort, and frustration, but this way just makes it all feel right, feel worth it and like what I am supposed to be doing. Ah thank goodness, actually feeling the characters again, their thoughts and emotions a stream I am swimming in. I've been alone on dry land for a while now.

This way is like hanging out with friends revealing their secrets to me, the other way is like trying to interview tight lipped strangers.