Saturday, June 23, 2007

They have to go

They are the wrong color, and big, and there are, at least six of them, woven throughout my rose bed. I've complained about them before, but I do keep trying to make peace with them, they so happyily and vibrantly thrive. But they are dominating the bed which irritates me so, as they are not pale pink, pale purple, pale yellow, or some such creamy color. But they do fill spaces with bloom, and the little birds, and bees, seem quite fond of them. From where I sit, they are all I see, save for a pulsating fuschia cosmo that planted itself in this bed too. How is it, that such nice flowers irritate me so? (off with their heads!)

Where can I put them? Certainly not in the purple bed. The back bank, I intend to totally change next year, it just isn't working. I could put them all there, but then everytime I sat down at the kitchen table, I would be looking at a vast sea of them. And my intention is to plant low growing things there, and fill in with ground cover, as it is the tallness that isn't working.

I suppose it will be put off again till another day. I must do the hour of writing. Three roses need to be planted. And some plants are crying out that I am not properly protecting them from insects. So much weeding needs to be done, even I, can not pretend I don't notice.

The rash on my knee, that prickled (stung, itched, burned), is almost gone now. I got it earlier out about in the yard. I think I will wear pants when I go out again.


Anonymous said...

I would leave it alone if I were you ..

Minx said...

Morning Pages? Are you following The Artists Way - Julia Cameron? I am still doing them three years on - the blog is the result.

Thank you for your entry - all is present and correct. Blog competitions let us find new writers and link us all together - all for the good.

Did you let that dog in? You'll regret it......heh.

Taffiny said...

Hi. (I don't think I can call you Dog. But Mutley doesn't seem preferable). I should leave it alone (I know), but I doubt that I will. (sometimes I listen to the little voice in my head, sometimes I don't)

Minx- Yes, I am (sort of). I never finished reading the book,
(I would say I never finish anything, which is pretty much true, but recently my husband has become hell bent on having me use positive language and I would hate so to get a lecture.)
but I thought morning pages a good idea, so that is what the blog is supposed to be.

The contest-I am glad that I entered. I can certainly see the contrast between the other writers and myself, but I choose to view that through the lens of my learning something. Writing like that is certainly a skill, and my abilites there are not the same as (up to) the others. But I am glad that I tried, because I did, I can see the differences and understand better what it is I am, and am not doing. It is making me think a lot about, the types of subject matter I am drawn to and write about. (How my antagonist dwells within my protagonist.) About my style, how I use words, I flow like a lazy river without much action. And now I see, how important it is to choose words carefully, say a lot with a little, to create impact. ( it is especially so in short pieces).

I will still be slow flowing, but once done with my draft. I will look more carefully at it, be more critical of how my words are being chosen, what impact they have, or lack, et cetera. I know it will be a great challenge for me to write concisely as I am terribly fond of repeating, saying the same things, over and over in different ways. And I don't think writing short high impact things, will ever be something I am well suited towards.

Thank you for stopping by, feel free to come anytime.

I do notice that you all have more viewer friendly blogs, more interesting and entertaining, than mine, but as mine is just dejunking it isn't likely to be engaging. And as I type and think with a slow speed of flow, it's best that I not worry about the readability of my blog (it has crossed my mind though), and just focus on the slow little river, on keeping it going, and in one direction, so hopefully, eventually, it will get, there.

(there of course being, finished with the first draft, the second.. the..well finished with the whole story.)

greedy, I am greedy with words, wanting them all (well maybe not all), and then once I have them, I'm not very inclined to do much with them, but just set them one after the other in a never ending line........down the little lazy river...

hard to believe I've been thinking my story will be too short. I see now, before I am done, I shall be forced to take a hatchet to it. (wonder how that works with water?)

ok, just told myself to shut- up (for the 8th time)