Thursday, October 18, 2007

will someone

please come get this and take it outside
He keeps trying to climb up the inside of the glass
and it's creeping me out.
He is too big
hairy and scary
for me to do it myself

PS, big hairy scary people need not volunteer, as I will also be afraid of you, and I have no glasses tall enough to cover you with, so as I can feel safe.


Vesper said...

Please don't leave him like that, he'll die. Slide a piece of paper underneath the glass, preferably a thin cardboard, and like that you'll be able to carry him outside without fear of touching him.

Taffiny said...

That is what I usually do with those that I am not afraid of. I do keep lifting the glass, about a centimeter, so he can get air, I do not intend for him to die, just to wait a few hours till I can get Bob to move him.

You are making me feel bad though, I suppose I shall go look for some cardboard, and see if I can talk myself into doing it your way. If you do not hear back from me, you will know that the big bad hairy spider had me for lunch, and it will be partially your fault.