Monday, October 29, 2007

wet pebbles


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

So it's still raining, is it? :-)

Love these close up shots, they're so textural!

Taffiny said...

No finally today it is clear. Happily sunny. Just trying to use up all my wet nature shots. I've still got some wet tree trunks, and moss, so brace yourself.
I am glad you like the texture.

Vesper said...

Beautiful pics, Taff! :-)

Paul said...

I really liked this pictures. Nice work!


Taffiny said...


Hi, welcome, and thank you.

Jefferson Davis said...

I love the last one! The blending of colors is fantabulous. :)

Taffiny said...

Jefferson Davis,
I am glad you like it, quite frustrating to me that it isn't clearly in focus. I need to figure out how to/or if I even can, focus manually with the thing. But the blurry does increase the blendy. :)