Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween totem

that's what Cheese calls this


Matthew said...

Thanks for these now I'm really in the Halloween mood! (Alas I'm here at work while ghosts and goblins are ruling the night). I really like the pictures of the deer a couple of posts back and the gourds are well...gorgeous.

I did add you as a NaNo buddy a day or two ago..not thinking that you would mind. I imagine with how slow the site is running it never got around to alerting you.


Taffiny said...

Oh come on, I know you wanted to say gourdgeous.
I'm glad you liked the deer. Since we did our trick-or-treating on Friday, I have to keep reminding myself that today is Halloween.

Thanks for adding me, of course I don't mind (I am on the brink of begging people to buddy me). No, NaNo didn't tell me.

Matthew said...

Yes I had to hold back on going over-gourd(Ouch). I too only have a few buddies and wouldn't mind a few more since this is my first go at NaNo. I did join my affiliate region but I don't need 750 buddies. We'll see--if there is a write-in organized in my area I may venture out and take a look at the other brave ones close to my physical locale. Though I wonder how much socializing goes on at an event of that sort. Perhaps we write notes to each other?

Taffiny said...

My first NaNo as well.

You should go, and then you can tell me. I am extremely chicken when it comes to going out on my own and meeting people face to face. And having no idea what to expect or what is expected, pretty much guarantees I wont be giving the group bookbuddy meeting thing a try.

I have not a clue what happens at these things, I imagine it varies from region to region, or from group to group, individual to individual. If there is someone there who is a designated calmer downerer ( seems I am making up words), who helps half crazy hyper "I don't know what I am doing!" people get a grip. Then I really should look into it.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh gourd! you two really take the biscuit...

Great pics, Taffiny, so much so that I now feel obliged to go and cower under my duvet!

Taffiny said...


Did someone say biscuits? Yes I would be happy to take one. I'm hungry. (assuming you are referring to some sort of tasty bread product, that is).

I must be tired this morning, cowering under the duvet, sounds most pleasant.

kyklops said...

What the...? Is that a real dead bat on a stick? I never had anything that cool when I was a kid!

Taffiny said...


:) My mom gave me these plain wooden bat shaped sticks and told me to paint them, I only did this one. Cheese calls it corn-dog on a stick, and wanted me to post a different view where he says the little legs and feet look really bad. (and he is right they do). I like your response soooo much better than his.