Friday, October 26, 2007

blur of wings

whir of wings

for some reason this sequence doesn't flow
do tell me, which photos have to go

I could hear their wings as they all took flight, and then the woosh as they went by.
There were several flocks about, and I filmed and watched them for a long time. (which I am positive had many people at 8:30 am, swearing, as they had to go around my green beetle and me)
Sad to say these are about the clearest shot I got (read as, warning: more blurry birdy photos to come)


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

These are amazing photos, Taffiny! Really brilliant!

We used to have so many starlings here which would take flight just like that. Then the trees where they roosted were felled and now the starlings have gone. Such a pity because their chorus of song was so beautiful.

Inspiring shots!

Taffiny said...

Thank you! :)

I really love watching these birds. They moved about en-mass (or in-mass not sure which is right), great waves of wings. I was surprised to realize they weren't all the same kind of bird. And that they weren't little brown birds as I had assumed, but black ones, grey ones, et cetera.

I am very sorry about your starlings. It makes me really sad when a creature I have enjoyed having around moves on elsewhere. I hope the starlings have found new places to dwell (that wont be felled). I don't know birds by sound, now I am intrigued, and wish to know the starlings beautiful song. I will see if google can lead me to it.

I really loved your image for your rose, the buxom woman with the swishy skirts, singing while she goes about her work. Warm image, makes me smile.

Sameera said...

That was simply superb!

Scrolling up and down over them makes it look like the birds are flying right in front of my eyes :)

Taffiny said...

Thanks! They were taken sequentially. So I am very pleased that you could see that. Most happy.

They took flight, then went to the right, then turned in midair and went to the left, flying in front of the trees, and then seemed to break into sky. I did leave out some shots though, because the birds looked black in some of the shots do to lighting changes.

Matthew said...

I love the motion of the photos, it is easy to feel the flock swooping overhead. We have starlings in Virginia and it is always a treat to see the large flocks come through. Next time I'll try to grab the camera!


Taffiny said...



Please do take them, and show us your photos. I love watching great flocks of birds take flight, and in flight.

Starlings again, hmmm, I really have to look them up.
I don't know what the birds in my photos are. I did take some stills, of two dif kinds, so I can try and find out.