Friday, October 19, 2007

mist kissed

Thursday morning,
the view, as I drove Cheese to school.


Jefferson Davis said...

Magnificent pictures, Taffiny. I especially liked #3. The wispy mist sheathing the sunbeams, peering o'er the trees.

kyklops said...

Very nice pics. I also liked #3. Without giving me your home address or anything, which part of the US are you in? Just curious... (a lot of your pics remind me of Nova Scotia).

Rambler said...

I simple love that kind of whether.
they just look so inviting and tempting..

Taffiny said...

Jefferson Davis,
Thanks, I am quite taken with mist. How things seem to materialize and dematerialize in it. A tree, a ghostly being, trying to decide if it will or will not take up form and exist among us here.

Thanks. Pennsylvania, it is considered a mid-atlantic state, but I call it the northeast. I have never been to Nova Scotia, but have heard it is pretty.

Me too. Feels otherwordly, or like a space between two worlds, the one of solid matter and the one of spirit. I mean I know it is just mist, but still that is how it feels to me.

Vesper said...

Beautiful pictures, Taffiny, a very skillful capturing of nature's works of art...

Taffiny said...

Thanks! I am afraid the only skill I employed was one of being able to get them while driving, but I do suppose determination is a skill. I don't know how to do anything tricky with a camera, and not too much of the basics either, I just point and shot and hope for the best.