Wednesday, October 31, 2007

pumpkin patch

This place is a fruit orchard. It is great when you want to go out into an orchard and pick your own apples, peaches, cherries, or raspberries. But when it comes to pumpkins, well, not so good, we got to the pumpkin patch part of it and I was so disappointed, it was just a field, grass with pumpkins placed on it! There was no tripping over vines, not picking one out, then using might and skill to release it. There were just rows of really big (=$$$$) pumpkins. I felt like I might as well have just gone to the grocery store, and that would have been much cheaper. I was further bummed because my camera batteries were depleted. So I have no shots of the strange wooden cow, you could "milk" and goodness knows what came out into a bucket. And no shots of the giant slide made with what looked like plastic industrial tubing. (Cheese refused to go down this, saying "Do you know how many people's butts have touched that thing, smashing down into it at high speeds.) (no it wasn't a question it was a declaration).

All and all we had a good time.

As you can see, we haven't carved the pumpkins. Emotionally/mentally, I still think it is September. I am surprised Cheese has shown no interest in carving his, because we have a family tradition, where you carve your pumpkin, then on Halloween night, the great pumpkin will come and leave you a present inside it. (no jack-o-lantern = no gift)


witnessing am i said...

Similar experience on our end. We had some heavy rains this summer than damaged the pumpkin crop and we were left "picking" pumpkins (that had been brought in) from a dead patch. We too have not carved ours. No great pumpkin tradition though. Actually, I have never really heard of the Great Pumpkin apart from what Linus taught in the Charlie Brown special.

Happy Halloween.

Taffiny said...


So nice to hear from you.

Happy Halloween.

It is in tribute to Charlie Brown, and Linus. I started it when my son was in kindergarten, because I was tired of doing all the pumpkins by myself. In past years it has worked very well as a motivator. Plus, since he is an only child, I have tried to bring some extra traditions into our home (to liven it up a bit).

Please do tell me if you decide to do NaNoWriMo.

I am already a bit nervous about NaNo, and also a bit behind where I wanted to be for the first day. Yesterday, we had a lovely black-out for an hour and a half just as I sat down to do my typing-in. And today I had no internet, for 4-5 hours, which would have made me more productive but of course I kept checking it, and trying this, and trying that.

I am not sure if it makes me feel better or worse to know that you too, merely picked up pumpkins, which now stand uncarved. I wonder which way the pumpkins prefer it?

Paul said...

that pumpkin patch looks great. We went to a similar one when we visited family last month. we even went on a tractor ride.


Taffiny said...

Hi, brave soul. Little tractors are great, but a big one going up and down hillsides, or over bumpy terrain, scares me.