Monday, October 15, 2007

Taffy tours

I'm tired of my own photos. Rolling hills and flowers.
My eyes aren't artsy, so I am not in the mood for hunting better shots (I am no photographer)
( I have seen some real beauties on other sites)
So instead I am switching to the indoors, and doing some Taffy tours.
This is a cupboard in my kitchen, it is filled with cookbooks.
I have decided though that I have enough of them now.
I still can't cook.
Somehow I have believed in a sort of magic, where if you buy books filled with pictures of things that look yummy then it will follow that you will being eating things that are yummy.
Turns out, it sooo isn't true,
quite disheartening really,
I so wish I was eating tastier food.
I do try, then give up, then after a time, try again.
It is like those stories, Like Water for Chocolate, and that movie (? forget name, Sarah Michelle Gellar was in it), where the mood of the cook becomes part of the experience of tasting/eating the food. I myself am somehow an element that hinders the joy in eating what I make.
I make a few good meals a year, enough passable ones, many whatevers, and plenty of ughs.
Even with convenience foods, I always either burn or undercook the frozen pizza.
hmm, I guess that means I am tired of my photos and my cooking.

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