Tuesday, October 2, 2007

flowers devour

filling the hours
I tasted you
feasting with eyes
as birds and bees do with tongues
spilling over your borders, trailing everywhere
growing into each other in masses, blocking out the sun
I counted you by thousands
then I counted you by hundreds
then by tens
Now I count you one at a time

The abundance was vast
blossoms everywhere my eyes cast
chaos filling, oh so willing
but now, some of you are gone by season
Others I have finally moved, pulled out, by reason
At first I saw emptiness and was saddened
gone were so many happy petaled faces that could gladden
but now in this abscence I am seeing more
each single flower I adore
and the garden looks and feels right
in a way it never did, before
it is full
peaceful and tranquil
finally in this restrained beauty
serenity sets in
rests in
my soul
with less
more whole


Vesper said...

It could be the garden, or it could be something else completely... Beautiful!

Taffiny said...

well it is the garden, but written with the knowledge that it should be a great many other things. I am so not zen. This is a good lesson for me to begin to learn.
Thank you.