Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No one dines here

ceiling blue

needlework bird, used to be in my Nana's bedroom, damaged when we moved.

should have turned off the flash

those two pink throw pillows do not belong in here, I just tossed them here last Christmas when I needed the bench they were on, to be put in my kitchen, the bench is still in the kitchen, so now there is no home for these pillows in my home.
Oh, and I am afraid that blue velvety thing, is a christmas tree rug, that was too small, and I set it there (year and half ago), and then decided it looked okay, so never put it away.

I have stuff all over my home that I didn't buy, but that seemed to end up as mine, given to me by my mom, or stuff that belonged to my Nana and Pop before they died. The silver tray, the candle sticks, and the red vase, are all my Nana's.


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I think the cat sitting carefully on the side there, makes the room perfect!
And, love the pillows and light.

By the way, I bet a frame shop could fix the damage on that frame; probably for not much money. Might check that out.
Michaels or hobby lobby or something. An art store.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Scarlett is right! Your Siamese complements and perfects the decor completely! I love the shot of the ceiling - conjures up all sorts of imaginings.

Taffiny said...

Thanks Scarlett, I am glad you like the cat. His name is Sebastian, but of course we don't call him that.

I wondered vaguely if there was some way it could be fixed, but assumed not, so I am very pleased to know there is hope.

hhmmm, maybe I should put him in all my house photos, he is very friendly so usually right there anyway. He is sitting next to me now.
I was nervous painting the ceiling dark blue, but I think it turned out well enough, and I like how the room looks so different as the light changes during the day, and in the lamplight of night.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

Matthew said...

Looks like you are all ready to host a mean soiree! Some of the best household items I have come from the people on my life.


Matthew said...

I meant in my life :)

Taffiny said...

don't you just love post editing posts.

I like having the combination of stuff I go out and choose, and older stuff, that has a history within my family. (there is nothing of antique value, but I feel closer to those whose footsteps no longer touch earth). And the stuff my mom gives me, well I would never buy it, but I find it amusing, and I try to find some way to make it work in my home. Sounds like the people in your life, give you some great stuff. :)

blogger wont let me upload today's photos :(