Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cheese's hair

just finished cutting it, been doing it in stages (for last couple of days). He had really pretty hair, past his shoulders, long smooth wavy.
He wants Sasuke hair, from Naruto. Have you ever tried to cut someone's hair like a Japanese anime character?
Really, not an easy thing, possibly not even a possible thing.
His hair looks....different.
It is long in the front, and short in the back.
And he kepts telling me, we must go buy super strong hair spray so it can stick up and out all over the back, spikey.
He also wants red contacts. His father has already said no to that.
Strangely enough, I know I would do it, buy them, if it was just up to me. I am sure the school would then say no, and then he could just wear them for fun on weekends.
Bob was punk, a skateboarder. I have a photo of him with his long hair sticking straight up.
Now he still skates, and likes punk music, but he is conservative.
And the fact that Cheese comes up with creative (outside norm) ideas for his appearance, and that I go along with him, does not suit Bob at all. (He recently hid said photo so no one could say, well you used to go out like this).
I do wish Cheese was interested in having a professional cut his hair. It puts a bit of tension on me, trying to do what he wants, and not mess it up, when I have no idea, no idea, did I mention, no idea, what I am doing.


Baino said...

Hey Taff, thanks for visiting me I thought I'd return the favour. I too have a 'Cheese' at home, probably a little older than yours. Although it was he who cut my hair the other day, a request for a trim ended up with a bob! I look like Wendolene from Wallace and Gromit. Wait till he needs a trim . . .Nice blog, I'll drop by again if you don't mind?

kyklops said...

I have a couple hundred students whose hair is "like a Japanese anime character"-- of course, they're Japanese. I can't say for certain, but I think the actual cut is less important than one's skill with hair goo...