Monday, October 29, 2007

It is really a bit after 10 PM. Spent night typing in, done with the last of the major notebooks. Just some pages from my little purse notebook ( I have no idea how many pages), and I think I jotted down some notes in end of another notebook.
I walk with the "Irish girl" tomorrow, then I have to finish all my typing in. I feel fairly confident, that I will be able to do it.
I need Wednesday for the boards. Actually if I get far enough, I should really start the boards tomorrow. The boards= putting all my notes in order as they relate to the story. Because my notebooks go back and forth through time, not in order of when things happen in story, thus my typed up notes also have no chronological order, be it general story, or fact notes. So I have to go through them and cut them out, then glue stick them onto boards, which I then can put in order, with all the other boards I have for this story. I consider this to be like a plot outline. That should be done by November 1st, if I am to start the draft on day 1. Which I am to do, since that is the big bad, scary bad, I have been hiding from.

Almost 11pm still not off to bed, I am so not relaxed, I thought doing the pages would help, it didn't. I just counted the pages in the little purse notebook, I thought that might help me, give me a mental grasp on planning Tuesday. 30 pages, yeah, that isn't making me feel any better. It will turn out to be a lot less computer pages, but still it will be fun trying to read the little words, scrawled across all those penned pages tomorrow.

I guess I will print out today's stuff. Why am I still sitting here? I am so tired. 6am is getting closer by the second.
I know I sound all kinds of grumpy, I have had too much chocolate, which only makes me happy while I am eating it, then turns my mood dark.


Vesper said...

This is a tough one, Taffiny. I admire your tenacity. This NaNoWriMo looks like the perfect thing. Godspeed to you!

Taffiny said...

Thank you so much. I am really trying to commit to it. I really hope this helps me break through, and get to the next stage. To the other side of the draft, the 2nd draft.