Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Cheesy Taffy Sunday

What are we doing? Painting lego hair of course.
Cheese wants it pink. I have no idea why. He tried to do it with magic markers, but they didn't have enough magic in them. (it came right off). So we got out the acrylics, mixed the color he wanted, bubble gum, it is drying right now, I am painting it on in layers. Cheese was too nervous to paint it on himself. (I have to say he goes a bit all out, building a stand and everything solely for this purpose.)
Now he has come down with some other Lego painting plans for me, I say I need more detail

so he shows me this. I say "We are making this guy?" He says "No!"

This is who we were making Sakura (from Naruto), as I expected. She is drying, she'll get her arms.

It turned out okay, not great, my acrylics are old, maybe gesso would have made it smoother.
It's too bad oil paints, my preferred medium, would have just slid off this plastic.

After I thought I was done with her, I asked if I needed to do anything else, and he showed me a lego magazine picture of a queen, said I needed to add her detailing. Her outfit detailing didn't look right for a ninja so I was confused. "no, not that detailing, those" said Cheese, pointing to Lego curved lines that suggested breasts. "You want me to give her those! I don't even know how to go about giving a lego breasts!" said I. "Come on, just try" pleaded Cheese. So I did. Then he wanted lines on the sides to make her look skinnier. Then he said my lines needed to go "Up, up, up! Not down". I had no idea what he meant so we got out pencil and paper, and he drew perky breast lines. Apparently I hadn't made the breasts high and perky enough for him. So I kept working on that till he thought they were good. Then he said I was missing a line, "You know the center, it doesn't look right". It took me forever to work out that he meant cleavage. "Cleavage! You want cleavage!" My 11yr old wants his lego figure to have cleavage and he is asking his dear old mom to paint some on for him. (I couldn't believe it.) But I tried. He said it looked like chest hair, and laughed. I tired again. He was most impressed and pleased, saying they turned out bigger than he had expected.
Is my typing in, done for the day? No. I have spent my time on legos.
Was this a good use of my time? Sort of. Back when I was first painting the red ninja robe on, my son said "We are lucky to have you." I said "You mean the computer?". He said "Is the computer painting the Legos?". He meant me! ME! Nicest thing the child has ever said to me. To actually admit to me that he thinks I am good for something, it is a miracle I tell you.
And this is how Cheese spent his time, while I did the legos. He made a lego character of me.

(from site
I said to him "Can't you put the video camera back in her hand? I liked that." He laughed "Mom, that was a gun." Oh.
I did ask him to take those breasts away, but then I looked like a guy in his undershirt, so I said he could put them back.
by the bye,
Sakura has her arms now, two katana swords, and is safely behind clear plastic walls.

Cheese showing me Princess Leia in her hot tub (should I be concerned?)


Vesper said...

Lovely post, Taffiny! And yes, definitely a great use of your time!

Taffiny said...


:) We did have a good time. Just hope Bob doesn't notice all the details on Lego Sakura.