Thursday, October 18, 2007

a bit of bad writing

is no doubt on its merry way. Been tucking bits of it in my notebook last few days. I am psyching myself up for national novel writing month. I have to type up 3 pages of notebook notes each day, between now and then, to be ready. And I have to beat this musty old self about, to shake off the thick layer of dust. So I imagine some stream of conscious stuff will be floating about in the air soon, might not make any sense, but it will help me tap into more creative parts of myself. Then when November hits, well I may be very busy and just do a one photo no words post, or I may be having panic attacks about trying to write those 50,000 words, and literally be hyper-ventilating all over my blog. Bit like getting sick all over my blog, in great heaving gushes of anxious words. (gee, I can't wait).


Vesper said...

Wow, Taffiny, national novel writing month! I'm so glad that you've taken the decision to participate! Good for you!

Taffiny said...

Yeah, I am a bit nervous, I tend to get overwhelmed and lose my follow through, they (NaNoWriMo) say on their website that I should tell people I am doing it, to help motivate me to keep on task, as others will know if I am slipping. Thanks. I do believe it will be good for me. Gee having trouble using positive words here, have to keep checking/editing myself.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Hi, Taffiny, I'll be doing my first NaNoWriMo in November. My moniker there is Bookbuddybonnie, if you want to be buddies.

Taffiny said...


Hi, I think mine is just Taffiny. Thanks, I will see if I can find you there. I haven't done much with the site, I tried to post to my region but my comment never posted so I haven't been back. But I will try again.