Thursday, October 11, 2007

lack of sight, but trying to see

(* Note- I took out the full picture I had here before, because so many undone, or wrong parts bothered me, this is just 1/3rd of the painting, and I turned it sideways. For the fun of it. Bird is on left side of painting, not top)

This isn't just an underpainting, but it is a long way from done.
I've recently started working on it again. It was painful making flower woman pink all the way down (had to ruin stuff I liked), but you couldn't see her body before. Now it is too stiff, the line, their bodies are just areas of color drawn straight, not real form, so it will be reworked, as will green girl's hips, which were too thin before, but are too wide now. Just changed his profile, so that is just underpainting now. I was being too precious, waiting doing nothing, so I rashly went through with sweeping changes, to jolt myself into action.
I like putting it up here, seeing it differently, can really see what doesn't work, but that is good. Grass-man's proportions look really off, which I couldn't see so clearly up close in real life, it really really really bothers me now, which is great, because that means I am likely to fix it. The uncertain areas pulse with lack of resolve, they don't evlove into form. They nettle and knot me, as they don't settle in and flow into being. They keep the whole from being whole. Broken strands of thread, frayed, torn, holes exposed. Areas left undone, unknown.
That is something that I like though about painting over writing, it is easier to stand back, and take the whole piece in at once, and see if it is working or not.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I look forward to seeing the finished painting, the theme sounds intriguing and the colours are exquisite.
And oh the trials of searching for perfection, I empathise!

Taffiny said...

Thanks :)
I look forward to someday having it finished. Though perfection will sadly have no part.