Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trick or treat?

Bit of both really. It rained constantly with fits of downpour.
Most places postponed trick or treating but not our county.
So it was a really dark wet night, and this is the best I could do for photos. Oh and my digital camera and I are fighting, after only two weeks together, I had such hopes for a blissful romance, but now we can't even get along well enough to get anything done. So it is back (for now) to my blurrier companion video, who is always agreeable. He can't always do it well, but he tries to do as I ask.

This pic makes me think of The Land of the Lost, Slee-stacks (s?).

if this was clearer you would see the rain drops sliding down the front, and slipping into the carved out parts

carriage ride anyone?

blow up building to walk through

bat tree lights

the view as I walked down the street

I didn't alter this, I dont know why the rain in the road is reflecting red

bit tricky walking through the slooshy grass, and streets flowing with water, adjusting my umbrella to get a shot, this inspired Cheese to ask "Do you have to take pictures of everything?........You do don't you?"
Me- "Yeah, I do."
Well at least for the rest of this month anyway.
It surprises me that it is the women who take the kids trick or treating, even in a rainstorm, the men stay home and give out candy.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

oooh *shiver* - those shots are really haunting and creepy and eerie, Taffiny! Very halloween!

But now you have to help me here, I thought Halloween fell on the 31st (don't mind me, Halloween is not a big deal here and I have no idea when it actually is!) - so how come you guys were out trick or treating on the 27th?

Hope you had loads of fun!

Matthew said...

These pictures really put me in the Halloween spirit! I think that the men stay home because the women are a bit tougher. And the parent that takes the children out gets first dibs on the candy.


Taffiny said...

There were some smiling pumpkins in the group but I thought they didn't go with the dark murky feel. So I will save them Halloween post.

Why the 27th? Different counties do it differently, but ours has us go trick or treating on the last Friday before Halloween (sometimes we get lucky and Halloween falls on a Friday). I guess so it is always the same day, rather than sometimes a Wednesday, or Monday, to make it easier for families. And I think also there is less mischief for trick or treating families to worry about when the older set will be celebrating on the 31st.

Good, and thanks.
In some ways, when it comes to our kids, I think women are. I get first dibs! No one told me that, I am off to the goodies straight away.