Tuesday, October 9, 2007

used book sale

this is just part of one of the rooms ( I felt a bit odd filming)
Went to regular day on Sat.
Half price day today
Will try not to go to bag day, tomorrow.
massive headache now, so not chatty


sognatrice said...

You're killing me here. There are no such thing as used book sales/stores in southern Italy as far as I can tell :(

Hope you're feeling better!

Taffiny said...

Really? Wow.
Well, good food is hard to find right here.

Thank you, I am feeling better, went to bed with a book at 8 pm (husband and son took turns coming in to talk to me at 5 minute intervals, which I found surprising), by 9, I turned off the lights to go to sleep (and I actually fell asleep which is shocking).

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

One could drown in a sea of books and be happy doing so!

Taffiny said...

True, though there are a few I would not consent to drowning in.
Used book sale finished yesterday, which is good, I have plenty for now. Our local Barnes and Noble is moving so they have certain books for 50% off, which I have not been resisting.
Time for me to stop buying and start reading.