Saturday, November 10, 2007

trying to get it write

Woke up thinking about the story. I am working on it enough now, that it has started following me around, while I do other things. So I have to scribble ideas down, in a mental emotional shorthand, till I can get to my computer and put them in.

The story is a bit crazier than I had imagined. I knew certain sorts of things happened in it, but now as I put them together stacking one atop the next, I am starting to feel the cumulative effect. And the new parts that are coming and being added in, well they only add to that feeling of "oh my this is a long bit of odd". (I just smiled. Long bit of odd, made me think of the story of OZ (Wizard of Oz) what an odd strange wonderful story that is). I am good with going forward, to stacking it all and figuring it out later. I am concerned that the echoes in Echo seem to be multiplying like rabbits, especially since I have no bunny birth control, but I will just have to leave them go for now, having faith that I will figure out how to cut down on my echobunny population later.

I have something to tell myself, something to say through this medium, through pen and paper. No matter how odd, crazy the story, no matter how words, and ideas repeat, I know I must go to it, not keep stopping, not keep judging and questioning, but just keep going through it, beginning to end. I know I must, sit still and listen.
For it is always telling me so,
always saying...
sit still and listen.


Matthew said...

Echobunny...wasn't that the name of a band? Wait, I think it was Echo and the Bunnymen.

I figure its best to have the bunnies and find them homes if they are too prolific--then to not have them at all.

"Sit still and listen". Sounds good, I might have to borrow a little of that if you don't mind.

Taffiny said...

"lips like sugar....sugar kisses"
their only song that comes to mind.

Glad you agree, since I have to take that attitude, bunnies, bunnies, bunnies.

I find it a helpful mantra. This story came with it, so I have it written on page 1.