Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another writing day

another day of battling this creature for sofa space.

You, like Bob, may think I should work at a desk, you, like him, are wrong.
The sofa is bigger and more comfortable. I have piles of stuff strewn about everywhere, all over it, and all over the floor. I take them upstairs with me every night. (I do admit that part is a pain). And then bring my piles back down, and set them up in the morning. The outlets are right behind the sofa, for my computer, ipod, and three lights ( at night). And I can't think right while sitting up straight, my body isn't used to it, and gets confused.

I stopped writing in the middle of a scene yesterday, which is not something I usually do, but the good part of it is I wont have to sit there wondering how to start today, wondering what happens next, I can simply follow along with where I was.

If I intend to keep up with the NaNoWriMo-ers, I will need to write 2,000 words a day (unless my math is bad, and I am wrong). Ideally I would have some days of more writing and some of less, depending on the actual energy of the writing. But as I always seem behind, I think I best just push on, regardless of the actual energy of the writing.

I am starting to think, I may actually do this, I may actually keep going, and write the thing, beginning to end. My hope scares me, I would hate to dash it, crash it, to bits. To feel so disappointed in myself once again. To go back to, it will never happen, I just can't do it, I can't do it, to live in those thoughts once again. It wouldn't even matter how badly the writing sucked, if I could actually accomplish this, if I could have a real start, a solid thing, I could really go back to, and rework, and try over time to make good. That would be so amazing.

Notes to self-
First. Try starting your actual writing much earlier today, rather than procrastinating the first half of it away.
Second. Stop using the word actually.

6:53 PM update, up to 11, 487 words, and..BAD BAD BAD KITTY! I got up to get Cheese a book, and when I sat back down, I noticed some creature had chewed on my ipod speaker buds, teeth marks, holes in the cushy part. Cat is of course no longer on sofa, as if to deny, by his absence, that he could have done it.
8:46 PM- 12,516


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Of course you can do this. Whatever happens, you have the start of a novel in front of you. You have an idea of plot and you have characters - and all of that is more than what you had when you started. So whatever happens, however this pans out, you will come away with a win. And how bad can that be? ;-)
So go on, shove the cat off the sofa and keep writing! I'm rooting for you!

Taffiny said...

Well actually,(remember I am cheating a bit) I did have all of that before I started (I have been working on this silly story for 10 years), what I didn't have was one single word of actual draft (Can you say chicken? Oh yeah sorry Atyllah. I mean can you say scaredy cat?). And 11,458 words of draft, words in a row, connecting together in an attempt at forming something, that is a lot more than I would have had (could have taken another 10 years to get that far). So you are right, no matter what, I come away better then when I started.

I keep shoving the cat off the sofa, but he keeps coming back! And he keeps sitting on my ipod, as I have placed it next to my left arm to keep him from lying there. (he can't take a hint. I am sure he thinks the same about me)

Thanks for rooting for me!! :)