Sunday, November 4, 2007

1-2- 3...Jump!

Now I have the boards blended together, and stacked. I am wondering should I start with the first one and just work my way through?

blurry from above, just because

Or should I start writing right here, from whatever I remember of it, and leave the boards alone for now?

I guess only I can answer this question, and as usual so far my answer is "I don't know." I suppose I shall have to give it a go one way and then see.
It is really 10:42- off I go

12:33 now. I am going through in order and typing it in. Why come up with new words, when I already have some written down? And anyway, I find I am adding new words (editing, making changes), noticing how since things were added in different times over the years, the rhythm changes ( I will need to fix that later), and connecting parts are needed (trying to do that now), and there is stuff I left out which I am now putting in, like working a physical character description into the beginning of the story. I am currently a smidge past 1000 words. Comment-It is truly a first ROUGH draft.

2:00 Linner/dunch over. I am having trouble with I and He. My notes are peppered with both. I am trying to do it with I, for the closeness of it, the intensity, but then everything the story describes has to be described through this I, how this I would describe it, the words this I would use. I find that hard. I don't know if I can make that work.

Oh and I use the word "little" a million times, yeah it's like half my word count dude. Oh so awful.

4:30PM 2,471 words, NaNo buddies are good to have, inspiring, trying to keep up, keeps me going, but part of me would also like to tell the Strugglingwriter, and Bleedingespresso to sloooow down.

10:20 PM, need to go to bed. I would like to tell you I got a lot more done, but nope, just about 200 more words, then I decided to just go over to itunes and download a song from My Neighbor Totoro, some music box version, but itunes said, I needed an update for that song, so I downloaded an update, but then when I tried to open it, my computer informed me that I needed an operating system update (maybe I should have read all that fine print). And I knew before I did that I would have to clean up my files, so I put the photos on my desk top in a folder, and I burned them, and 726 more from iphotos to disk, and then deleted 600 of them, then deleted some of my imovie stuff. Then I printed out today's writing pages, in case things went very wrong with the download. While the download happened, I watched Desperate Housewives. I need to get Cheese's clothes out of dryer, dishes are about 90% done=good enough so I am not bothering anymore with them, take the clothes upstairs and organize, take out my contacts, and I hope hope hope sleep. (just got up to offer food to some neighbor cat that was crying at our front door. Bob thinks this is a bad idea, but I fed him once before, like 8 months ago, so it isn't like he will be out there every night. I think the cat just gets bored with home food from time to time, so cries randomly at neighbors doors to see what will happen. He is driving our cat, crazy). Okay now, goodnight.

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