Saturday, November 10, 2007

9,202 words. Very hard not to eat chocolate. Each uncertain step I take, I think, "Isn't there chocolate in the house? I could go for some chocolate." And I say "Yes there is. But you are not hungry, you are nervous, anxious, tense. Chocolate will not help you as much as will getting through the next sentence".
"How about a butterscotch lollipop then?"

"and all of the things that I said that I wanted come rushing by in my head when I am with you, fourteen joys and a will to be merry, all of the things.....
....sentimental gentle wind flowing through me life again...
sentimental lady" pieces of Sentimental Lady- by Bob Welch

well at least I've got the ipod on.

cat is taking a way too thorough bath right next to me.

"from all the boys the one I take home is music..from all the ladies the one I kiss is music...
music is my boyfriend,
music is my girlfriend, is my dead end, music is my imaginary friend...
from all the drinks I get drunk of music......
Music is my king size bed..
music is my hot hot bath
music is my hot hot sex
music is my back rub...." - pieces of-Music is my Hot Hot Sex- by CSS

" this getting you any closer to your 10,000 word goal for tonight?"
" But it has less calories than chocolate does."
"Get back to work!!!"
"Okay!!! But first I have to go set up the tape to tape Naruto."
Oh I forgot, I think Choji dies in this episode, I can't bear to watch it.

"Go write! You are like a black cat hiding in white snow. I can so see you"

Ugh, 9,627, my eyes hurt, my head hurts. I want to go to bed, but I wanted to hit 10,000 first. But I have been "spending" time looking for this one bit, I already wrote up, but can't find. I took notes when I was doing this activity so I could describe it well. I have gone through all my typed notes, am still going through all my notebooks. I've found other stuff, but not this part.

Went through everything, couldn't find it, so just re-wrote the part, and as soon as I had, I found it, (on one of my boards, right next to me on the sofa. AAAHHH!!!. But at least I found it. So anyway I typed that in too, so I admit it is a bit of a repeat, but anyway just by a few sentences. I am at 1,100 and going to bed.


Vesper said...

Taff, I hope you got your 10000 words and a good night sleep. I very much admire your will power. Bravo and good luck! :-)
Very nice words from very nice songs...

Taffiny said...

Hi, thanks, just reached it, and am going to bed. Maybe a bit of cheat though as I did re-write the piece, and then after I did, I FOUND it, on my boards (had been right here next to me the whole time!), so then I just typed in that info too, so bit of a repeat. But heck I am so tired, I have to go to bed now or tomorrow will be a wreck.

Thanks for visiting me, and for being encouraging. I greatly appreciate both. :)

Minx said...

Part of writing is trying to ignore the inner voice that suggests that doing something else might be better. You can ignore it for a while but then you must eat the chocolate.

Keep going - stop worrying about goals and try to enjoy it!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Congratulations, Taffy! Well done to you for sticking with it and persisting. Now go and have a bar of chocolate to celebrate! :-) xx

Taffiny said...

I can't tell, you seem to be saying I should ignore the voice telling me to stop, but then you seem to be saying I will end up having to eat the chocolate. Perhaps I should eat it while writing. :)

Thanks. I will keep going.

Thanks. Groggy now, but glad I stuck with it. Plus I stopped in the middle of something so that should help me get going with it today.

I didn't eat the chocolate, or the lollipop (no matter how the called to me, haunting me). They wont call to me now though, too early, I have a sissy stomach, can't handle such things till afternoon. At which time, they will start calling to me again. Unless I eat them of course, then they won't be able to call me anymore. But then the tortilla chips will see they have an opportunity.

Thank you so much for the encouragement, all of you, it really helps!! :)