Saturday, November 3, 2007


I really like how the tree seems to be intentionally echoing the bridge.

Finished all the boards, took me till 11:30 pm.
Had lovely headache all day, and night. Took tylenol this morning, much better.
There is still one eensy little paragraph of type however, sitting on the coffee table, which needs to be found a home and glued down, but I don't want to go through all the boards to find where it goes right now. (so please tell it to stop taunting me).
I still haven't folded the new boards in, in time, with the other boards, they were sticky last night (and I must be getting old because after working on the floor all day yesterday I was no longer bendy, my back kept locking up, making moving about challenging). So I need to do that, and then there is nothing else to do, but to begin.
I don't know if that beginning will be happening today or tomorrow, as I need to winterize the garden -take down the fountain, pile mulch at rose bases, and I really should plant the special winter pansies that are in planters. It looks cold out though, I might rather brave the blank page, then the chilly breeze.

7:45 PM now. I opted for the yard work, I've tucked all my roses (and friends) in for the winter, took the houses down (but wont wind and put them in garage till tomorrow, they need to dry out), planted the two asters, and 6 pansies, and put their pots away in garage. This process did give me some more notes for Echo. I will do something new and try and type them into computer directly and avoid the notebook step. Oh I didn't get to do the fountain because Bob opted to fall asleep on the sofa.
Okay so I waited a couple of hours too late to do this research, I was supposed to wait till mid November to do the mounds ( I don't know if I can get myself to undo it, plus it will be very hard to get me to redo it once it's cold outside), and I am supposed to water the roses thoroughly after the first hard freeze, so maybe I should leave a hose out, but no, that wont be good for the hose, I'll put it away and then just drag that puppy back out again for one day.
I did see something very pleasing out there, the yarrow I dug up from the back yard and replanted out front many months ago, that died away, then eventually started growing green again, is now blooming,

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