Tuesday, November 6, 2007

woven into time
all this beauty
and I


gayƩ said...

Oh I loved these photos. So eerie, so mystical. Brilliant! Nice work Taffiny.

Matthew said...

These photos create a mood that makes me think of a midnight mystery--clandestine figures meeting for ill intentions. I like 'em.


Taffiny said...

Thank you. Mystical mist. Hmmm eerie... you saw some of what Matthew saw too.

I hadn't thought of them that way. But now that you mention it...

Gaye, and Matthew,
I like this, now I am looking at them differently with an air of eerie mystery.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

oh, oh, oh - words and images - both exquisite!

Taffiny said...


Ah, Vanilla, thank you, it is so nice when you visit. :)

gayƩ said...

No no hon, please keep looking at it the way you did originally. Maybe Matthew and I are the kind that watch too many horror and thrillers.... Well, at least I can speak for myself I watch too many of them, because of Niall mainly.

Taffiny said...

Both are good.
I have trouble keeping the eerie in my mind though (I went back looked at the photos and tried), it starts to float up, drifitng in, but then just evaporates. I have no such plot line in my imagination (too much of a scaredy cat to play at that). So I think it is eerie because..., because...., because....it is misty. (not much excitement there. I used to watch the X-Files, I should have some ideas, but...nope, they evaporated).