Monday, November 12, 2007

goes by in a blur

Time. This weekend.
Between the pre-writing procrastination, -doing the actual writing,- wandering about the kitchen looking for something decent to eat,- the cat bugging me, and my bugging the cat,- Cheese researching auras on the internet, staring at me, and talking about it,-and the necessity of some domesticity, I feel the weekend wasn't. I know it used to be Friday, and now it is Monday, but I didn't feel any Saturday or Sunday. And the week will march on in much the same way. I have never before spent so much time, so many days in a row, working on trying to write something, the process, the thoughts seem to be filling all my days, whether I am writing at any given moment or not. I have never watched so little television. I have never spent so much time with the cat. I thought of Thanksgiving yesterday in terms of the writing I need to get done that day, and would I come home and do it after the family gathering, or should I try to do it in the morning, or should I take the day off, and split the word count between the day before it and the day after? Strange for me, but good I think, as it gives me focus and direction, forward momentum, something I am naturally lacking in.

I am off to go blog visiting. Do several loads of wash. See if I can find some info on mute swans attacking people, and then onto the tic tap tapping of typing keys.

Oh but first how about a music list ipod poem
scrolling down to S

So far away
so into you
so nice
somebody loves you

summer breeze
sunday morning
sweet baby
sweet seasons
sweet surrender
sweet thing
symptoms of true love


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Time and life go by in a flash - I love motion shots like these - they can be so evocative.

Hope the writing is going well. You are writing aren't you. Huh? Huh? No more chocolate bars if you aren't!

Taffiny said...

not yet today,
but I am on my way..
in a rather, lots of pit stops along the way, procrastinate-y sort of way.

And I might have to change my sweater jacket, as it has these dangly ties, which cat keeps attacking. Being perodically pounced on is not good for ones concentration.

So tell me,
How many words = one chocolate bar?

witnessing am i said...

Those are wonderful images and I am hopeful that all is going well on the NaNoMoEnergyToWriMo front. Keep pluggin'!!!

And I adore the ipod poem -- really, really wonderful.

Taffiny said...

Hi. How nice of you to stop by. :)

Going well? I don't know but it is going.

Just done looking up "attacked by swans" for research. I don't know if that counts as productive, or procrastination. I wrote the scene yesterday, first intention was for it to be funny, but I didn't write it that way at all. But now that I think of it, it wouldn't be funny to the stories narrator.

Thanks for the encouragement.

I am glad you liked the ipod poem. It was hard for me to not keep going with it.

Jefferson Davis said...

Excellent shots, Taffiny. The weekend ticks by so fast. :)

Perhaps you need some easy listening. Maybe "Monday Monday", by The Mommas and the Pappas. :) Can't go wrong with them.

Taffiny said...


Hi, thanks, maybe I should give them a try. :)