Friday, November 9, 2007

Bob and Taffy

this morning, not so good.
My eyes were barely opened before,
Bob made fun of August Rush, then dissed Alicia Keyes, then went on and on about everything in the same horrible demeaning way.

I am getting tired of this. Bob had off yesteday and I was quite relieved when he went off skateboarding. I don't want to feel that way, like "whew, thank God he left". And I have been feeling that way lately. In the evening I will think, "oh good he is coming home", but the when he does, I think, it was better when he wasn't home.

This morning, I said to Bob "You know your first words in the morning are negative, you are making fun of someone or something, complaining. And your last words at night are the same way, as is the whole day inbetween."

He went on about how hard his day is, and how I would be the same way if I had to do it.

Which isn't true. I would be in a bad mood, I am sure,, and/or cranky and tired. But I would not be tearing everyone and everything down. He pecks at everything, and stomps on it. Britney Spears, Tom Cruise, Liberals, Hilary Clinton, Media, Environmentalists, on and on and on and on. I don't mind Bob's opinions. I understand his politics and beliefs and don't have any problem with them/him at all. (well mostly, I don't. When he acts like gays are attacking the american family, (though he insists he knows and likes gay people just fine, he just doens't like gayness) that I don't understand. I have a problem with him acting that way, but whatever. Bob is Bob, and I am me. We don't have to agree). My problem is with his bashing attitude, I hate bashing, ( I don't like the other major bashing groups habit of bashing either, I don't like Bush bashing, or America bashing, or..). I don't like any sort of bashing. And he seems to constantly be bashing something lately. Like he enjoys carrying on, and making fun of stuff. I don't. I hate the energy of it, anxious, depressing, mean.

I told him, he wasn't choosing his words well. He had been reading Tim (?) Robbins, someone Robbins, earlier this year, and Robbins's book went on about how you help shape your life, by the words you use to describe it. In fact it was not so long ago, Bob gave me a lecture about how I don't choose positive words. In response, with much sarcasm he talked of his upcoming day with positive speak. He then went off to work (thank God), and took the book with him, saying maybe he should read it some more. I think so.

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