Monday, November 19, 2007

more snow

and more snow, it just keeps snowing.
Everywhere I look, parts of trees are down.

Cheese had a two hour delay today. Tomorrow and the next day are half days of school, followed by 5 days off. It will be a rough writing week.

Lat night, I sent my half brother an email saying we couldn't get together. I hope that goes over okay. (I mention that he is my half brother, because, we are different sets, raised in different times, in different households, very differently).

Ipod poem. I

I feel the earth move
I get lifted
I just want to dance with you
I love you always forever
I love you so much it hurts
I saw the light
I see the moon
I sing I swim
I wanna be with you
I wanna be your lover
I wanna fall in love

I want you
I was made to love you

(The break is one song I did delete. Which is, as long as there is a break, okay by my ipod poem rules. It is about finding the poems that are already there, not creating them. The missing song, I want to be your man. Would have worked fine, if I was a man)


Amy said...

Hi Taffiny, What are these Ipod poems? I like them very much, but not sure I get it.
I've 'been back' visiting this week, but haven't left comments - one on an older post - but I've been following your progress and writing discipline with interest and healthy envy. Can't seem to fit my own writing goals in with my workshops and daughters and husband.
Also envious of the snow. Memories of snowmen, igloos and sledding, and that anticipation of no school come rushing back. No such thing in Southern Spain. I also miss that incredible quiet, beauty and peace just after newly fallen, snow. ENJOY! Don't frustrate you and cheese by trying to write - it will make an unpleasant expereince for both of you. Enjoy the good side of playing in it together, maybe play a borad game by the fire. Then once he's had your attention he may let you have a quiet hour or two.
Wish I could do that again with my girls. Teen agers just need to be driven everywhere or want to spend time with their friends or on the with Mom? No way!
Hugs from Spain, Amy

Taffiny said...


Hi. Nice to know you are still out there, just super busy. :)

Ipod poem.
Well when you scroll down the list of songs on your ipod (mp3), mine are in alphabetical order, as I believe most are, (you can see 5 song titles at a time on my screen), you see if any song titles could go together to form a poem.
Leaving a song out is considered cheating. You can just use to songs in a row, or it is neat to see how many you can string together in a row that will still make some kind of sense.
I don't, I just like doing it, because it is the a poem I carry around with me all the time, but wouldn't normally notice. And of course your poems change as you add more songs onto your ipod.
some don't work at all
banana pancakes
bang bang
be my world
beast of burden.

but others I like,
beautiful life
beautiful soul
beautiful stranger
because of you

Writing goals are hard, and yes my family is feeling it. I am not one of those stay up all night types, so they do complain, actually husband mostly, as Cheese just comes over and sits next to me, and says what he wants to regardless of my agenda. I do try and balance it out.

I like your vision of the snow. It is very pretty, and the house does feel different now that it has snowed, peaceful, cozy. Taffy gets brittle outside though, you try and pull it and it snaps apart. No, I do not like the cold at all. I like to look outside from inside.

You are very right though, I only have a certain amount of time to be a certain sort of mother with Cheese before I have no value to him as a playmate.

Here is to my attempt at NaNo-ing, and parenting. Bob? Oh yeah, Bob. What to do about Bob?

Amy said...

Well I didn't dare stick my nose in on that wise old advice on marraige, they're all so different! My husband is quite understanding and usually leaves me alone when I get like that, but he does feel sorry for himslef, and I can't get over feeling guilty..but that's from me not him.
OH to have an Ipod! And time to choose and download songs...

Taffiny said...


They are all different, and Bob has changed over the years. It is hectic right now, but we have discussed the need to work in some time for nice interactions with each other. As we have hit a bad patch, and our time together seems predominatley cranky at present.

Oh I think everyone should have an ipod. I am terribly dependent on mine, I don't know how I could clean, exercise, garden, or write without one.