Sunday, July 29, 2007

The week went by so fast

I wasn't truly settled into my vacation and enjoying it, until Wednesday. Wednesday night I slept 5 hours in a row!! Instead of the stupid two hours at a time pattern. Then Friday night it was time to start repacking the car. Two weeks would definitely be better. I might have more than a day and half of really feeling relaxed and like I was there.

The sun is coming out now, which is nice, but I was glad for the rain, and an excuse not to be doing yard work. I have all these lovely suitcases to unpack, and wash to do. It is my job to pack the stuff, and pack and unpack the car (I do get some help with unpacking the car). Because Bob feels I pack too much stuff, and therefore never tries to make anything fit in the trunk, he can put two items in and declare "all full, no more room.". So I pack it, so that the stuff we need actually gets to come with us.
Bob laughs at me whenever we arrive (at the place we are staying), he and Cheese sit down and watch TV( Cheese right away, Bob not until after the car is unpacked) while I scurry about wiping down every surface with clorox bleach wipes. I bring my own bedding and have rules about anyone getting on it, who is in days clothes instead of pj's, and whether or not this person is reasonably clean and has just washed their feet. Cheese thinks this is funny and will come in and touch the tip of his finger to my sheets, so that he can hear me carry on, while he laughs. Bob will strip down, but refuses to wash his feet. It was a king sized bed, so he just stayed on his side of it, and was not to use the top sheets (till the end of the week, when I was more tired and cared less, and felt bad because he was using a pillow case as a blanket).

Our video camera refuses to show me much of the footage from our trip, it is old by technology standards (8 years), and I fear it is, the footage and the camera, lost forever. Bob keeps talking head cleaner. He is here now beside me, unlike at the beach, here he doesn't seem to know what to do with himself. Not as many fun options.

I can take things personally that have nothing to do with me. (and it is one of my rules not to, as in -You are not to take things personally that aren't personal-. It is related to another rule, -You are not to get angry about things that have nothing to do with you-. anyway) It was Friday night, quite crowded on the boardwalk, and we were walking, close to 11pm, heading back to our place. And I was trampled! By two teenage girls, like we were playing tackle football, and I had the ball. Like when you see football practice on TV shows where the guy runs into that long padded thing, with his shoulders and uses his weight and force to move it. I wasn't knocked completely down, just hurled forward, bent over, as I manuevered, and braced. They continued to run off, then one turned around and said "sorry". I said " I SHOULD HOPE SO". And that was that. Except I actually felt a bit shaky and my back hurt, and I still feel insulted. My son did not help much by talking about how I am invisible and no one considers me, and saying "oh did you hear something? How odd to hear sounds when there is no one there." whenever I spoke. I am here, ugh, don't try and go through me, go around! Go around. I was wearing a black t-shirt and thought maybe that was it, but looking up ahead at the other people on the boards, plenty had on black, and I could see them all clearly. The girls just weren't paying attention, they were distracted talking to boys, and friends, I know. It has/had nothing to do with me, but still I can't help it. I feel indignant, insulted, offended. They were about the same size as me, only there were two of them, and somehow they both managed to hit me. Also a man had stepped on my heel just an hour before. What the heck was he wearing anyway? Sure didn't feel like rubber soles, felt like clogs (it really hurt). But he did reach out and touch my arm and sincerely apologize. Of course these things happen to everyone all the time. It is stupid to in any way take it personally. I know, I know. But...

I had more fun earlier that evening when I had to cross both lanes of boardwalk traffic, I chose to go staight across though it looked impossible, impassable. But I sped up, or slowed down, and would move a foot to the side. It reminded me of playing frogger. Well there you have it, I am both easily insulted and easily amused. I should really set to doing something. This is rather a mis-mash of a post, but so be it. My mind is a bit mis-mash at the moment. mish-mash.

by the bye,
Bob is asleep now (in day clothes! on the bed)
Totally pointless I know, but if I had known Bob would be filming me from behind that day, I would have worn darker jeans, so my butt would have looked smaller. Hopefully the oversized book purse helps.

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