Saturday, July 14, 2007


just spent time researching J beetles on the net. Lovely way to spend a summer Saturday. Did find some important things out though. Like the systemic insecticide I used, I used to late, so it wont work. Also, it is important to remove beetles, and damaged leaves, petals, from plants, as presence of beetles, and presence of damage, both release scents that attract more beetles. Also traps, unless used in specific situtations, and/or used by a whole neighborhood, are more likely to lure more than they catch ( I did plainly observe this with my own eyes so know it is true). If I understand correctly I should be applying both milky spore ( takes 2-3 years to build up and be effective), and insect killer to ground right now. And spray plants regularly.

I already collected a hundred J. beetles today (also, at least 15 got away, I was surprised by the words that I called out after them). Earlier, I asked myself, what would Mikiyoshi do? He would be ever vigilant, perpetually man his post. I am not consumed by the same depth of passion as he is (their death does not mean my own), but..I am now inspired by visions of him, to check and re-check my plants every couple of hours, to defend them from these pests.

by the bye,
Cheese has complained that I am calling him Cheese here, says he likes to keep a low profile, offered up other ideas like, Mr. E, and Darth potato head. I'm considering it.

Back from yard
the flowers simple enough, but if I cut off all the leaves that they chewed on, there will be no plant left. Or at least it is like trying to clip off half the needles of a pine tree, half interspersed among the others. Easier to just get out the lawn mower and...but of course I wont ever do that.
I saw the skeletonization of the leaves (not the petals, they bore through parts, and ate up rest), this will lend itself well to Echo. I should look up J beetles in Japan, but tired of reading about them for today.

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