Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last day of July

the video camera despite what Bob says, does not work. I took great footage today of this black butterfly, and a yellow swallowtail, and the film just freezes and breaks apart.
Yesterday's poppy is already gone, but there is a new one in her place. Something sad, something pretty about that, like you have to pay attention and go out everyday, and appreciate what you see, because tomorrow it will be gone. (I filmed today's poppy, but the camera refuses to show it to me)

I'm tired, my neighbor made me do yard work. I was watering my flowers and picking beetles (not as overwhelmed by them today) (but seriously don't mess with them near midday, they kept launching counter attacks). He has some sort of machinery, (not a tracker per se, more like a mini version of some construction thing, anyway) he scoops up mulch with. He came over and was dumping mulch on our bank, but he asked me if I had a rake, and if I would weed more of the bank, so he could put more mulch down (for Bob and I, to rake and spred out later). We do indeed have a rake, but the rake didn't work so well, so I pulled the weeds by hand (bare hands, and flip flops, as I was not dressed for weeding). My neighbor, a good neighbor, helped me. He mentioned his surprise to find himself helping me weed my bank. I was equally surprised to find myself weeding my bank (but I didn't say this). The flower beds are my turf, but this part of the yard, I consider to be Bob's. After awhile, he asked if we should keep going, and I said no, it would take quite a bit of time for me to pull the next section of weeds. So he went off to his own yard, while I continued pulling. Then from his side, he walked back toward me, and said that just because he was going inside now, that wasn't any reason for me to stop working and go inside too. (Seriously? Is my husband paying this man? I could offer my husband a choice word or two, and go about as I please, but a helpful neighbor. One who, to my shock, pulled out one of our dead trees, with his daughters help, and dragged it away. I sort of have to compy with one of those.) I spent hours out there pulling and digging out weeds. Still plenty to do, but I haven't had breakfast yet, and is my dinner time. So dirty itchy had to take a shower. 2 1/2 pounds lighter though from dehydration.

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