Sunday, July 1, 2007

July 1

Bit cold really.
Breezy and cool, felt like fall to me while I watered the flowers.
While doing so, I lfelt something on the back of my head, brush up against my hair, it felt sort of like the flutter of wings, so I turned expecting to see a large butterfly (it's happened before), but it was a mockingbird that I saw flying away. I wondered if it was an accident or on purpose. Am I being attacked? I went back to watering, several minutes later, he flew right past my head. So I turned to watch for a bit, incase I needed to duck and cover. But he wasn't interested in me at all, it was the robin. The mockingbird and the robin were fighting. I was unseen, unoticed, running into me, incidental, accidental. Just a lowly field worker, like a shrub to be trampled, while to possible heirs fight to be king. I do not know how the battle proceeded, but I imagine it will be ongoing. I did have to keep my eye on the mockingbird as he pays no attention whatsoever to me, and I do not wish to be constantly banging about into one another.

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