Friday, July 6, 2007

very odd

that I can go anywhere on safari but to All Things Anderson, they say they haven't given me the boot, and wouldn't know how to block people from visiting if they wanted to.
I would just assume it was the universe, saying to me, "stop meandering around, and be more productive with your time!". But I have been quite good lately, at only stopping by, not hanging around there. And also trying to go there, is taking more time, than actually going there would.

Oh well, I am going to write or read.

Bob and Cheese just went to the pool.

I planted the two russian sages earlier and am out of yardwork steam already.

Oh that is right, I'll research dragons first. One only appears for a moment in a dream, but still I need to see it clearly. Is it asian, or european, or a mix, or a creation my own? The sketches I did last night, good.

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