Tuesday, July 3, 2007

poison ivy?

As of yesterday it finally stopped itching, and is now a red dried out mass. Pretty. (much prefered to the oozing) (I can't figure out how I only got it there)
My allercold has faded back to its holding pattern. I am happy about that.
Sadly my stomach and head decided to take up the slack (guess they felt left out)
Why is my head pounding so? (I can not be dehydrated)
And the watermelon that I so loved yesterday doesn't taste good (actually it tastes bad), so my stomach is complaining, because I haven't really eaten yet. (the white nectarines are really good right now, hopefully one will appeal to me today)
Bob is out in the yard doing mulching, I must get myself in gear and get out there, for there is no telling what he will do to my beds.
I ripped a bit of skin off my hand digging the other day (really hurt), 3 more holes for roses. Bob pointed out that I might want to try wearing gloves. Well I suppose I have to, for now.
Maybe I will perk up once I am outside, there will be all kinds of stimulus to make me forget my petty physical concerns. There will be wind and scent and sun, and paying attention to what I am doing, and no doubt my arms will soon start to hurt...
my, I am terribly whiney today..well it is unpleasant to sit here, as my head and neck hurt.
As I am more whine than chat, I shall go, till tomorrow.

by the bye,
did eat nectarine, but no to yard work.

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