Tuesday, July 10, 2007

11 talks of heaven

in car leaving pool
Cheese- "it is weird how the difference between being 90 and being 95 isn't so great, but the difference between being newborn and being 5 is. It is five years either way."
He then went on to discuss dating, and how it is no big deal to date someone 5 years younger, men even sometimes date women 10 or even 20 years younger, but it all depends on what the ages are, on how much of a difference that really is. You could be 10 and someone you could end up marrying would just be being born.
I of course threw in my two cents, that women should marry men 8 years younger, since on average women live 8 yrs longer.

next thing I know, the topic is, death and reincarnation, and heaven, and spirits.
Reincarnation freaks him out, so I told him you probably don't have to come back if you don't want to. I tell him you forget your past life, till you go back up to heaven, otherwise it gets too confusing.
So then he wants to know, well what do you do in heaven all day?
I say, Some people think it is just perpetual bliss, but I think you still grow and learn.
C-"So it is like another life?"
me- "One without pain and death." Somewhere I tossed in, some people don't believe in an after life, they think when you die that is it, nothing happens, you no longer have thoughts, you stop being, but I prefer to believe that we do go on, don't really know how or what it is, but believe we do go on in some way.(laws of themordynamics and all that).
He wanted to know if there is technology in this after life.
I said "I don't know, I think we are spirit forms.'
He said, "it sounds boring."
I said "I think you can go visit other times and other dimensions, not interact, not change anything, but be invisible and watch."
That he liked, "like witness bloody battles?"
I just frowned at him.
C- " you just don't understand boys" he said.
"no I don't" I said.
He then realized that if he could watch people, he could watch people watching tv, thus watch TV. (I then had a vision of my son and I, sitting on sofa together in some afterlife, invisible to the person whose home we were visiting, each getting annoyed when the person clicked the channel away from our show.)
Sting theory and other dimensions came up,
C said-"we could get reincarnated into one, especially if anything would ever happen to the earth."
Cheese has much indignation that some scientists don't believe in alien life (thinks they are idiots).
me-" we can't say that there is alien life, but we can't rule it out either."
c- "So would alien life, and life from other dimenions go to the same heaven we would?"
me-" I don't know, I guess so. Never thought about it before"
Talked about deep water sea creatures, that don't need light, those thermal ones (idea being that not all living creatures have the same requirements for living that we do). (by this time we were at staples, and my deepest thoughts were of trying to figure out why it is so darn expensive to get 3 hole punch computer paper, while looking for cute little pink binders with designs, none to be found. I felt a bit odd, as Cheese was talking loudly of aliens, other dimensions, idiot scientists, reincarnation, and heaven. And I was doing my best to field questions and respond to statements).
By the time we were at blockbuster I did try to freak him out by saying he could be a reincarnation now, but that idea didn't seem to bother him at all. Not like the notion of being reincarnated as a girl did. ( I had to take that one back, and say maybe souls do have a gender. I really don't know. which you know, I don't know. I added maybe if you had been really bad toward women, you would then come back as one. To learn more, and grow)

We have a really hard time with death. With others dying, with the idea that someday we will die.
Cheese- "the only people who aren't afraid, are those who have had near death experiences. You know what should happen? You know how they have orientation days for schools, before you go to a new school, so you will know what it is like? It should be that way with death, and heaven"
me-"that would be great, then you wouldn't be afraid, you would either dream of it several months before, or have an out of body experience, and then know what it would be like, what to expect, and then you would be okay with it, you could relax, not fear it."

I don't remember thinking about such things when I was 11.

It means a lot to me when he will share his ideas with me, tell me what he is thinking, and ask me what it is that I think.


Vesper said...

Wow! Quite some conversations you have with your son! I think it is great. He is advanced, for an 11 year old, to philosophise on such topics. I'm very impressed. I believe many adults even don't ask themselves such questions. Bravo!

The picture, as always, is very beautiful.

Taffiny said...

Oh thanks. (about the picture. I can't really take credit for the boy, he came that way). On the downside, he can over think things, and continually tries, and often succeeds at verbally tricking me for entertainment. (so I punish him with really bad puns).
Of course I wouldn't change him for anything. (well, I would improve his domestic cleanliness)