Wednesday, July 18, 2007

killing me softly with turtles

I need to be sleeping, so I'll make this short till tomorrow. I don't know why I watched it, I had set my tape to tape Anderson, so I could read in bed, and then clicked the remote for just a moment. Turtles. It was excruciating to watch this man on pbs, and his turtles. I can't believe the degree to which I felt the weight on his shoulders. It was crushing him. And a cruel tease how things got so close to working out, time and time again, and then just slipped away, leaving him desperate and dispondent. I wanted the film to end soon, because I could not bear to watch it any longer. Finally it did, and not the hoped for ending, but a liveable one.

no spell checking.
goodnight world.

why does the weight seem to fall on the individual? Why does he or she reach out, with vision? Why do organizations find it harder? I am thinking of turtles here, but also of NOLA. Red tape must be super sticky, no one can ever seem to move ahead once they come in contact with it.

can not be more articulate at moment, eyes closing, mind not asleep, not awake, somewhere in between, floating, in a murky grey green sea. (perhaps there are turtles in it? the program had fresh water ones though, this wouldn't be their body of water)


Anonymous said...

Hope all is well in your world, that the weight does not fall heavily on your shoulders, that you are sleeping well, dreaming of lovely turtles in grey, green water . . .

Taffiny said...

Thank you Good Thomas.
Not so well last night, for I knew the morning would bring the dentist, and my son would have at least one tooth pulled. It turned out to be only one (the last baby tooth), and he took it really well, until the dentist told him he would need braces again, then he started to whimper, and tears swelled in his eyes. I never seem to manage to worry about the right things, if I was going to lose sleep staying up fretting, I should have done so over braces.

My favorite dream ever, I was a jellyfish. How about you?

It is late again, and your comment is like a prayer and lullaby

-only I don't know what to sing back to you

Taffiny said...

by the bye,
it is 10:38 pm here not 7. I can't get my time thing right (time zone, though I do know where I live, and what time zone I am in). I usually correct my post times.